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back breaker
Dobbin’s Back Breaker
Back Breaker Beaver Lure – Heavy on castor. Works best at castor mound sets or as a call lure. Best bet for winter and early spring trapping.
(Due to several requests from my customers I decided to start carying this lure. Many folks tell me that it is an excellent change-up lure for fox and coyote as well.)

Caven’s Timber (Beaver Call Lure)
Tim Caven – “For this lure I grind only the best, fullest castors I can find, add the loudest, most effective calling agent known to me and put them in a waterproof base. The result is TIMBER!, a beaver lure supreme.”

Caven’s Bounty Beaver (Beaver Food Lure)
The lure to use on summer and fall problem beaver. Also a great change of pace lure for those spring “Castor Shy” flattails. No castor in this one, just the choicest beaver food items. Put up in a waterproof base. Heavy liquid form.


Beaver Castor (Paste)
Ground and preserved. One of the oldest animal attractors known to man. Attractive to all furbearers. Heavy paste second to none.


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Murray’s Quill Beaver – 1 oz bottle
The name says it all. Excellent lure at castor mounds, etc. Also a change up for Fox. Good all season. Note from Windy Ridge Trapper: While I’ve caught several beavers with this lure, in my personal opinion, it’s probably the best coon lure known to man. I catch well over 50 coons per year using Murray’s Quill Beaver. Made in West Virginia, USA!!!
How to catch various animals…

Coyote, fox, bobcat, coon:
*Steel (leg-hold) traps should be boiled in dye once per year to prevent rusting. It’s probably a good idea to boil them in was once per year too. We sell both wax and dye on this website.

*The easiest way to catch a coyote, bobcat, or fox is with a “dirt hole” set. Do a you-tube search for “dirt hole” sets to learn how. Also, you should go to the following website for detailed step-by-step process on making a dirt hole set:

*To make dirt-hole sets, you’ll need to order a few more trapping supplies (sifter and digging tool). The diamond mesh sifter and groundhog tool are great choices!

*You’ll need to anchor your trap with a trap stake. 15″ stakes are good if you’re trapping in solid ground, but if you’re trapping in soft ground you should go with the longer 30″ stakes. You can attach your trap to the cable-stake with a j-hook. (and you can crimp the j-hook onto the stake with some pliers.)

*In order to drive the berkshire stakes into the ground, simply take a piece of re-bar with a flat point grinded on it’s end, and then use the bar to drive the stake into the ground. For the fox hollow (bullet) stakes that I sell, you’ll need a special driver for them, and you can order fox hollow drivers on my website.

*When trapping for coyotes, fox, or bobcats, most trappers agree that it is best to use a strong smelling bait, gland lure, or even both. We offer a wide assortment of various baits and lures on this website.

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