WINDY RIDGE TRAPPER "Yep, I'm the preacher who buys fur"
"Yep, I'm the preacher who buys fur"
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Beaver and Otter Traps & Trapping Supplies


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TS 85, MB, Bridger, Duke, Coil spring, long springs, body traps, for beaver, river otter, and wolf.

Big beaver catch
Not too bad for 1 night. Jason and his trapping buddy, with 14 beavers and 2 coons.


MB 750 beaver trap
Details: 7 1/4" jaw spread; 4 coiled for extra strength; 3/16" base-plate with D-ring; heavy duty chain with crunch proof swivels. MADE IN USA!!!

Single Trap: $28

6 Traps: $150

Dozen Traps: $280

MB 750-WOLF (1/4" offset jaws)
6 Traps: $190

Dozen Traps: $365


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TS-85 Beaver Trap
TS-85 Beaver Trap
The first beaver trap to feature an 8 1/2" jaw spread. The TS-85 is truly revolutionary in it's simplicity. Designed and manufactured by Minnesota trapper Tim Sawatzky. Tim has 40 years trapping experience, and 35+ years experience in the manufacturing business.
The TS-85 has heavy .185" thick custom made music wire springs, a fully adjustable pan for both tension and travel, a heavy 3/8" welded baseplate, and riveted jaws. This trap offers superior holding power through precision design in the curvature built into the jaws, which allows the levers to lock in as the trap closes. Comes complete with 8" of TS-85 chain, and 2 Crunchproof swivels.
Single Trap: $29 each

Dozen Traps: $324 per dozen


Bridger #5 Double Longspring
Bridger #5 Double Longspring
Bridger #5 Double Longspring - 7 1/4" jaw spread. For beaver,otter, wolf and lion.
Single Trap: $25 each

Half-Dozen: $145

Dozen: $284

Sleepy Creek 4 Setter
Sleepy Creek Model-4 Setter (for the Bridger #5 Longspring)
You'll need this if you plan to set very many #5 Bridger Longsprings.
Price: $20 each

Duke 330 Body Trap
Duke #330 Body Trap
Jaw spread is 10" x 10". For beavers and coon.
Single Trap: $15.50

Dozen Traps: $169

Body Grip Trap Setters
Standard Body Grip Trap Setters
This unique tool insures easier setting of Body Grip traps as well as reducing risk during trap setting. Working on a new power-multiple scissors grip principle, this 18" long tool applies strong leverage - on the trap spring, where it works the hardest, not near the hand - so the trapper is able to compress the spring easily. Heavy duty. (A MUST-HAVE TOOL FOR ANYONE USING #220, OR #330 TRAPS)
Price: $9.75 each

Bridger 5 CS
Bridger #5 Coilspring (4 coils)
#5 RJ Coilspring - 7 1/4" jaw spread. Round jaws. Four coiled for beaver and otter.
Half-Dozen: $135

Dozen: $259


Beaver Buster Hat

Stutler & Stutler Beaver Buster Hat

Catch beavers in style! The "world famous" Beaver Buster Hat!

Price Each: $14




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