WINDY RIDGE TRAPPER "Yep, I'm the preacher who buys fur"
"Yep, I'm the preacher who buys fur"
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Lure Ingredients

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Glycerine Oil (4 ounce bottle)
To be used for freeze-proofing urine, lure & bait under cold conditions. THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT GRADES OF GLYCERINE. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING - THIS IS TOP OF THE LINE!
Price: $3.50 per 4oz bottle

skunk essence
Skunk Essence Tincture (1 ounce jar)
So strong and powerful you would think it was straight and not a tincture.
Price: $5.50 per 1oz jar

Fox or Bobcat Glands
Red Fox or Bobcat Glands (1 ounce jar)
Ground and preserved. Ground fresh into a heavy paste and aged to give off the true fox or bobcat odor.
Price: $5.50 per 1oz jar (Choose which kind below)
Choose Fox or Bobcat

catnip oil
Catnip Oil (Imitation)
Finest quality. Three times more powerful than the genuine. Use for cats, rats or beaver.
Price: $5.50 per 1oz jar


Beaver Castor (Ground/Paste)
Ground and preserved. One of the oldest animal attractors known to man. Attractive to all furbearers. Heavy paste second to none.
Price: $5.50 per 1oz jar