Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Jason's Bobcat


First, let me thank you for checking out my website. Hopefully you are finding it easy to navigate to all my various products. While I don’t carry everything, I always try to keep a wide variety of products available that MOST trappers need.

Now let me tell you a little about myself…

I’ve been trapping for over 20 years now, so I know a few things about the sport (although I realize that I’ll never know everything). Because of my personal hands-on experience, I can give you a better opinion of the products I carry. For what it’s worth, I refuse to carry any products that I would not use on my own trap line. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about trapping, fur prices, or even ginseng. I can talk all day long about those subjects.

Speaking of fur prices, I am a West Virginia licensed fur buyer. You can sell your furs to me for cash, or trade for trap line supplies and equipment. Be sure to click on my “Fur Pricing” page to see what I’m currently offering. Please note that fur prices are constantly changing, so you’ll need to check back often.

As a long time member of the West Virginia Trappers Association, I firmly believe that we should all be more active in protecting our rights and privileges as trappers. I strongly encourage everyone to join their local state trappers organizations to strengthen our trapping heritage. Rest assurered, the liberal anti-trappers are working harder than ever to strip us of our rights to hunt and trap, therefore we must always be vigilant in our efforts as well.

Finally, I’d like everyone to know that I am a non-denominational pastor and a born again Christian. I feel that it is important to never be ashamed of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As important as hunting and trapping is to me, nothing compares to my salvation. God has truly changed my life, and if you haven’t decided to trust Christ as your personal Savior too, please consider it. I can tell you first hand that God has truly blessed me. Not only am I having a little heaven on earth as I run my trap lines, but I will also have heaven in eternity when my life comes to an end. Feel free to visit my church website to learn more about Jesus.

Best Regards (and good trapping too),

Jason Stutler
Windy Ridge Trapper


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